Bottle Cap Mirror and Football

This will probably not surprise anyone, but I am not a huge football fan.  I can watch the Tour de France with the best of 'em, but NFL football?  Not so much.  Today, though, I have a burning desire to see the Ravens playoff game.  I'm sort of feeling very Maryland lately.  I'd even dawn a purple and black outfit if I did purple. 

Which brings me to the mirror above, after the game, when you are done with all your soda caps (or any bottle for that matter), do save them and either a) send them to me or b) make your own bottle cap mirror like the one above.  My kind college students who bartend, Mr. UpCyclist and our friend, Molly, all contributed their caps to the mirror above.  Then, Molly and I armed with hot glue guns went to town gluing the caps down to the frame of the mirror.

Voila!  A bottle cap mirror!  It looks great with soda, beer or any ole' caps you have around.  We discovered it is best to put the "ugly" dented caps on the bottom layer and save the pretty, colorful caps for the top layer.  Yep, we are professionals now and are offering advice ;)  It is a combination of trash chic and coolness.

Go Ravens!


PS - If you want to see the above mirror in person, you'll have to take a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.  It is the newest addition to our ski condo there.