Textbook Quote Activity - Guest Blogger/Guest Upcyclist Series

Please welcome back, guest blogger/guest Upcyclist, Professor KP.  You might remember her from her Duck Pond post here.

Take it away, Professor KP....

Here is an idea I stole modified from your blog post, The Other Jen. The Other Jen had a post explaining how she uses quotes as a warm-up activity for a group.

Good idea I thought.

To make it work for my purposes, I took quotes from the upcoming chapters in our textbook.  I tried to choose quotes that were interesting, open-ended or just good conversation starters. I also included the page number in case students wanted to go back and reference the actual quote.

I printed the quotes on card stock, cut them into strips, and spread them out on a table.  Students were told to choose a quote that was interesting to them and share with a partner. As a whole class, we then shared quotes, too.

We had lots of interesting conversation.

The real treat, however, was the activity ended up generating motivation for the chapters students were assigned  to read for the upcoming week.  In education lingo we call that “Setting a purpose for reading."  Yes, a purpose was established and students' interest was peeked!

Professor KP, I love this idea!  I might need to make a quote collection for my upcoming Educational Psychology students.  Our new class begins in two weeks.

Thank you so much,