Best Places to Find Research on Coaching

Before I share the top places to find research on the impact and benefits of coaching, let us enjoy what I believe could be the movie poster for an action-thriller starring Miss O and I taken hereOr perhaps, we look too smiley and friendly.  What do you think?

I am asked frequently about the science and research surrounding coaching. Years ago, I don't think I could have said, "There is so much research and scientific discoveries out there touting the benefits and impact of coaching."  Alas, I can now.  There really is so much.

If you like data, hard core studies, dissertations, and case studies, please enjoy the following:

  • Harvard's Institute of Coaching - They especially do a great job of sharing the neuro-effects of coaching on performance, engagement, and productivity.  And, it's Harvard.
  • The International Coach Federation (ICF)- Besides being the gold standard in coaching and the largest accreditation body for coaches and coaching programs, ICF maintains a ginormous database of research.  You will feel like you hit the motherlode of coaching research here.
  • Case Studies and Award Winning Programs - The Prism Awards (given by ICF) are another great place to see coaching case studies (and be inspired).  Though the case studies are not hardcore research, per se, they all do provide evidence of the impact of coaching on an organization.
  • Blog Post on Coaching at my College - Yes, I snuck this one onto the list.  I wrote this blog post to explain how my college got into the business of training coaches.  It has some research and is more about describing the journey of our program as it is unique for a community college to offer an accredited coach training program.
  • Learning Objectives for a Coach Training Program - Sometimes people want to know what coaches learn in coach training. Check out my college's Engagement Coach Training Program and you will see all the learning objectives for the program.  You really can teach this stuff - coaching!
I will add more resources when more are available.  If you have any questions related to coaching, please reach out.  At this point, I think you know...I could talk about coaching all day.